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The END project targets the transversal Sub-Programme SP7: Design Methods and Tools for Nanoelectronics. The project is in line with the short and mid term activities expected for this SP, as they are required to enable the efficient design of advanced components, Systems-on-Chip, Systems-in-a-Package and compact miniaturized electronic systems. In particular, END is an industrially-driven project addressing the areas of:

  • More Moore: The development of a deeper physical understanding of transistors and memory cells is needed to handle the problems of complexity and power consumption. New device architectures, which are being proposed to solve the power dissipation problem, must also be properly modeled.
  • More than Moore: The large spectrum of new non-digital functions added on silicon requires the development of new modeling and design tools to cover not only the already known fields of high frequency, power and analogue, but also sensors and actuators, which involve micro- and nano-mechanics and fluidics.